All of our employees have the opportunity to contribute towards the success of their profit centre and to share in its prosperity through the Company’s unique performance related bonus scheme.

We can offer career opportunities in the following areas:


We have a highly decentralised management philosophy. Each of our Managers runs an autonomous profit centre where they have the overall responsibility for personnel, sales, inventory control, warehousing, distribution and administration. The position appeals to people with entrepreneurial skills who would like the challenge of running their own business.

Inventory Control

Providing customers with high levels of service places high demands on purchasing and inventory control. Numeracy, communication skills and negotiating skills are essential to achieve success in these positions.

Warehouse & Distribution

Efficient, well organised warehouse and transport operations are key to providing our customers with the service they require. Expertise in receiving and storing deliveries and accuracy in picking orders are all required.


We offer opportunities for both telesales and field sales personnel. With responsibility for both developing new customers and servicing existing customers, our sales teams are able to satisfy customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently.


Good administration is vital to supporting the quality of service that each of our businesses gives to its customers. A small team at each location deals accurately with computer input and paper processing. They also handle customer and supplier queries quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in a career with Decco please contact the business nearest to where you wish to work. See our locations section for details.

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